12 maart 2012

Sella Part 1

Saturday morning, way too early (4 a.m.) I had to get up to catch my flight to Alicante, Spain. The good part about leaving this early was that we had 2 hours daylight left by the end of the day to climb some routes in Sella!

I warmed up in a beautiful route called Black is Black (7b) and worked the moves in one of the most climbed 8a's of the crag, Ergometria. When I got down I told Elko the beta and he found his way up. In the last minutes of daylight we hurried back to the car. Of course too late because we wanted to climb as long as possible. Some things never change ;)

The next day we returned to the crag. I managed to finish the 8a I had been working on the day before in my second try. Afterwards I tried a really cool route called Dimension Diamante. I might return to the route once more, the moves felt pretty hard and a bit my antistyle but I figured out some sequences which were so amazing!
After dinner we walked up to Villa Pico to ask for the climbing guide. We actually want to catch some sun as well here in Spain. Sella is amazing and sector Wildsite has enough to offer for several days, but it's North Facing and pretty cold. Elko was really psyched to do some multi pitching, so we looked for a nice long wall and we found exactly what we were looking for.

So today we headed to the city of Calp where a huge wall is situated, surounded by the sea. After a short walk along the ocean we walked up to the perfect orange and yellow limestone route we wanted to climb. 300 metres, 7 pitches. Considering the fact that I have only been multipitching twice (which was in Orpiere where the routes are really well developed) I felt a bit uncomfortable. Especially when we had to look for the next bolts while standing at more than 100 metres high at a point of no return (it seemed to me but Elko later told me that we could have gone back if we wanted to). But in the end I started to really enjoy the exposed climbing and we had an amazing day today. Just before sunset we reached the top. We enjoyed the view for a moment, ate and drank some (which we nearly hadn't done all day long because we were pretty afraid the bottles would fall down:P) and then returned to the car. It was a really cool adventure and now it's time for a restday. I will try to upload the pictures we have made soon. I hope the internet connection will allow me to. Good night!

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