19 maart 2012

Sella Part 3 and Lead 1

The last two climbing days of our Sella trip were pretty exhausting. Elko and I were already pretty worn out. On tuesday we decided to take a look at an other sector called VIPs. There were 3 short 8a's which we wanted to climb all in just one afternoon. We ended up doing none. It's always the same with such high expectations ;)
On the last day we returned to Wild Site once more. After such an intensive week of climbing it was pretty funny to feel how hard even the easier routes got. I onsighted a 7b in which I had to fight like I was climbing an 8b instead :P. Although it was a really nice day and a really nice end of a perfect week.

On saturday morning we dropped Elko at the airport. My flight left in the evening so I decided to spent the day sightseeing in Alicante. Like real tourists (with backpacks and a big camera) we visited all the main sights, ate tapas and enjoyed a huge ice cream.

At 2 a.m. I finally got home. By then I wished I had booked the early flight, because the next day (or actually that same day already :P) was the first national competition of this year. Fortunate I didn't even feel too bad the next day. The competition was fun, the routes were super cool and I even managed to top out all the routes, including the finals! Not too bad after such a week and such a short night rest.

Pictures are comming soon!

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