24 april 2012

Lead 2

Lead 2 DF10

Lead 2 DF11
Lead 2 DF12Last weekend the second nationale competition of this year was being held in my hometown Amsterdam. The last couple of weeks I am feeling really strong in the training, so this was a good opportunity to see how I would do in a competition. Mentally I felt really good as well and I was able to top out both qualifications and the finals. My feeling was right. Even the finals felt pretty easy! When the competition was over and everybody was leaving the gym I decided to try the mens finals. The route looked really cool, whit a lot of physical moves. After seeing all the men climbing it I knew exactly what to do. The route was hard. Last year it would have scared me, but now I just felt challenged and it was so much fun to make all those crazy moves! In the end I nearly made it to the top. It was a perfect end of a nice competition day. Now I will get back to training to keep up the good work and maybe even get a bit stronger :)

Pictures: Tim van der Linden (nkbv)

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