18 juli 2012

Worldcup Chamonix

Last week the international competition season finally started with the Worldcup in Chamonix. I had been looking forward to this moment for months, but when the competition came closer, the excitement changed in nerves. This doesn't always have to harm your climbing, but in my case it did. I had been in a positive 'flow' for so long during the national competitions and trainings, that I had not even thought about the possibility that I could get some mental issues. During the competition I climbed really easily in both routes, until the point where I made a small mistake. This made me so stressed, that I wasn't able to look for the right solutions anymore. As a result I fell off in both routes, before I even got pumped. I placed 34th and was really disappointed. But it's a good moment of reflection. Upcoming weekend I will get a second chance in the Worldcup in Briancon. A good opportunity to really enjoy the comps I have been waiting for so long!

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