5 augustus 2012

Ceuse part 2

My two weeks in Ceuse have come to an end. It was an amazing trip. I am really inspired by this area. Almost all the routes I have climbed were amazing: really sustained endurance climbing on smooth overhanging walls at a beautiful location. I just climbed what I was feeling like, one day hard routes, next day attempting my projects, the other day onsighting beautiful looking lines, no matter what the level. This turned out to be a really good strategy. I managed to climb a lot of routes from my wish-list. Some routes I have sent and I could definitely recommend:

- 8b L'ami de tout le monde:  Bouldery route, with good rests in between and some endurance finishing
- 8b Radote joli pépère:  More then 40m of beautiful roofs, cool boulder problems and extremely pumped forearms!
- 8a Carte Blanche: Classic one, really good in my opinion
- 7c+ Mirage:  Another long, pumpy line which combines every style. First 7c+ onsight for me, though it's a soft one I think.
- 7b+ Blocage violent:  Slightly overhanging really sustained route. Got so pumped! Almost all the other routes on Berlin are in this style. Beautiful, technical, pumpy lines all over this sector. If you are ever planning to visit Ceuse you should definitely spend at least one day at this sector. I made it a sort of training, trying to climb as many of them as possible in a couple of hours. If you like training you should definitely try this, it's amazing how pumped you can get ;)

All together I had a really good time. It was also really motivating to climb with people I normally only meet in competitions. So cool to exchange beta, climb each others routes and just have a great time together. I will definitely come back here.

Pictures are comming soon!

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