5 september 2012

Boulder 3

Pictures by Paul Lahaye (www.lahaye.ws)

Last weekend the third national boulder qualification was being held. The competition took place in a brand new bouldergym in the very south of Holland, in Sittard. Although I will not compete in the National Bouldering Championship (I am going to the Worldcup in Atlanta instead!), and thus don't have to qualify either, I decided to compete anyway. It was a nice opportunity to climb some extra cool and creative problems and get warmed up for the World Championship which will take place in Paris next week! This turned out to be a really good decision. The boulders were really cool, I really enjoyed the competition and above all ended up in first place by flashing all four boulders in finals. Next day I woke up with sore muscles, so it was even a good training! 

After two months of vacation the summer holidays are ending as well. University has started again, but things won't really change for me. The next weeks are fully planned with competitions. So a lot of travelling and climbing is coming up. Stay tuned!

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  1. Nice to hear that you enjoyed yourself at Graviton. We enjoyed wat hing you climb. Good luck and lots of fun for the coming time towards the Wolrdcup.