25 september 2012

Semi-finals in World Championships and the Worldcup in Puurs

1,5 week ago I qualified for semi finals at the World Championships in Paris. The route was amazingly set and I was really excited for climbing. Unfortunately I made a wrong decsision halfway. I decided to clip the next quickdraw from a very big hold / volume. The hold turned out to be pretty bad and I couldn't find a position to clip, so I jumped to the next hold which was pretty good. Hanging on this good pinch there was no way I could reach the quickdraw and there was no way back either. I couldn't do anything and had to let go, which was a pitty because I felt so strong in the beginning of the route and I wasn't pumped at all!

Fortunately I had a second chance just the week after, with the Worldcup in Puurs, Belgium. I told myself I had proved to be in a good shape in Paris and the only thing I had to do now was not making any mistakes. It's always a bad sign if your goal for a competition is NOT to do something, but it's hard to recognize this mistake before it's already too late. I didn't recognize it and ended up climbing very tensed, making many mistakes instead and feeling very empty already early in the route. In the end I reached the 24th position, which is not satisfying at all.  

This weekend I will be participating in the Worldcup in Atlanta (USA). I am really looking forward to the American route setting style, which is pretty powerful with crazy jumps, campus moves and really cool tricks. I guess this will help me to find back the feeling of free movement in my climbing. 

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