13 oktober 2012


Huge shopping malls, big automatic cars, fastfood chains everywhere you look, plates the size of a 3-day meal, astonishing landscapes... I always thought that Europe and the US were pretty similar, but it turned out to be completely different then I had expected. This made my US-trip an experience I will never forget. It was amazing!

After the Worldcup in Atlanta I took the plane to Denver. Landed in a very different kind of America, compared to what I had seen in Atlanta, I met with some friends to drive to Rifle right away. In the middle of the night we arrived in the climbing area. After installing the tent, I went straight to bed, to wake up the next day in a beautiful canyon, next to a small river and surrounded by imposing limestone cliffs. The climbing turned out to be great, but very different to the climbing in Europe! Climbing on corners and pinches, without ever being able to place a hand or foot on a horizontal hold, I got extremely pumped in every route. Nevertheless, after falling off and hanging in the rope to work the moves, I always found a really cool solution, which kept me motivated. Because we had just 4 days in Rifle, we mainly tried to onsight routes, which is really hard in this area. Therefore I didn't send many routes, but it was a really good training and a lot of fun at least. I hope to come back here once again and then I will stay longer, so I can do some projecting and hopefully send some of those amazing lines as well!

On the day before I had to go back to Holland we drove back to Boulder. In Rifle, autumn had just come in, leaving the trees with amazing yellow and orange colors. It was pretty weird to see how this landscape changed once we got closer to Boulder. While we were driving through some great canyons, the autumn sun disappeared, temperatures dropped below zero and suddenly it started snowing! Arriving in Boulder we decided to do some training in the climbing gym, considering outdoor climbing was not really an option. The gym was great and I really enjoyed the steep walls, covered with holds I had never seen before. Afterwards we went into town, to see at least some of Boulder and have some dinner.

Next morning I had to wake up really early to catch my shuttle to the airport. After an amazing trip with many new experiences I felt really sorry that I had to leave the US already, but I have to say that it feels good to be at home again. After many weeks of travelling I will have some time to relax, train, catch up with my studies and see my friends and family now.

Picture by Matilda Söderlund

1 oktober 2012

Worldcup Atlanta

While TheNorth Face was organizing an amazing event in Kalymnos last week, I headed to the US for a competition / outdoor climbing / training trip. I started in Atlanta to compete in already the 5th Worldcup of this season. The competition was pretty amazing. The American route-setting style is completely different compared to Europe, but I really liked it! The routes are full of little jumps, campus moves, heelhooks, crazy turns etc. This made it really easy for me to just climb and have fun. I felt great in the qualification and made it to the semi-finals in 12th position!

The semi-finals were kind of weird. The beginning was really easy, with huge jugs, only a bit powerfull. Then, all of a sudden, the moves got so much harder. Although I felt really empty and powerless, I was able to hold on and make some more moves. It felt like a good fight, although I was not really pumped, just powerless, and I had given everything I had, so I was satisfied about my climbing. I ended up in 16th position, which is my best Worldcup result so far!

Today I will fly to Denver and head to Rifle right away, where I will climb outdoors for a couple of days. I am really motivated to climb some rocks now! The last days in the US I will probably spend in Boulder, training and sightseeing, before flying back to Holland already on sunday.