1 oktober 2012

Worldcup Atlanta

While TheNorth Face was organizing an amazing event in Kalymnos last week, I headed to the US for a competition / outdoor climbing / training trip. I started in Atlanta to compete in already the 5th Worldcup of this season. The competition was pretty amazing. The American route-setting style is completely different compared to Europe, but I really liked it! The routes are full of little jumps, campus moves, heelhooks, crazy turns etc. This made it really easy for me to just climb and have fun. I felt great in the qualification and made it to the semi-finals in 12th position!

The semi-finals were kind of weird. The beginning was really easy, with huge jugs, only a bit powerfull. Then, all of a sudden, the moves got so much harder. Although I felt really empty and powerless, I was able to hold on and make some more moves. It felt like a good fight, although I was not really pumped, just powerless, and I had given everything I had, so I was satisfied about my climbing. I ended up in 16th position, which is my best Worldcup result so far!

Today I will fly to Denver and head to Rifle right away, where I will climb outdoors for a couple of days. I am really motivated to climb some rocks now! The last days in the US I will probably spend in Boulder, training and sightseeing, before flying back to Holland already on sunday. 

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