14 november 2012

National Champion in Lead!

Pictures made by Tim van der Linden
It has been a long time since I have been so nervous for a competition as I was last week before the National Championships. With the competition being held in my homegym and many people expecting me to win easily it was really hard to stay focused on my own abilities. During the days before the competition I completely forgot how to enjoy climbing and I wasn't excited for the competition at all. But fortunately everything changed during observation for finals. When I saw the amazing route, crossing the big overhang, full of big holds and cool moves, I couldn't wait to get up! 
When it was my turn to start I was really relaxed. I could climb like it was just training, moving loosly and enjoying the moves, not worrying about the result at all. I managed to touch the last hold, which was enough for the victory! After missing the national championships last year (because I was in France, competing in the European Youth Series) I got my title back. Amazing!

Movie of the final route. Skip to 1:24 for the most amazing move in this route.

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