24 november 2012

Worldcup Kranj - A perfect finish of a nice season

That's it, the competition season for this year is over.  One week ago the last Worldcup event took place in Kranj, Slovenia. Since I had been at home for one month, training for the National Championships and this competition, I felt really good. That feeling turned out to be right. I climbed steady, confident and relaxed in qualifications and placed 12th for semi-finals.
The semi finals took place on that same day, so after a quick meal it was time to return to isolation. During observation the route turned out to be completely different then the qualifications: short, hard moves, but pretty cool though! I warmed up a bit more and then it was my turn to climb. I prefer routes where you can climb really smooth, linking all the moves together in one big 'flow'. This route was completely the opposite. Many moves where really on the edge, nearly falling off, recovering, making myself up for the next move and just sticking the next hold again. This made it a really good fight, but when I finally fell off I had a really bad feeling about my performance. When I watched my score it turned out that I hadn't been climbing that bad at all. Everybody was struggling with the route and in the end I placed 15th, my best result in a Worldcup so far! It's a pity that the competition season is over now, because I'm still feeling good, but I'm happy too that I could finish it this way. Now it's time to use that fitness and climb some outdoors. Time for vacation!

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