18 december 2012

Turkey part II

As I stated at the end of my last post, when I had just finished my project, it was time to celebrate vacation. So I did. Since I had been in Geyik Bayiri two years ago for a month I had already climbed a lot of routes in the area, but I also left with a wish list of routes I couldn't send by then. My last week in Turkey I have spend going to different sectors every day to tick the routes of this list, all around 7c-8a+.  It was amazing to climb so many five star routes in such a short period. It made me really relaxed and motivated for every route, so I ended up climbing around 8 routes every day. I even managed to onsight another 8a, called Richtfest.
Over the top, 8b+  (Picture by Rogier Mattens)
Just a couple of days before I left, Tobias, one of the owners of Josito, took me to a new area in the valley next to Geyik Bayiri. After a long walk up we arrived at the crag and it was simply one of the best pieces of rock I have ever seen! A huge cave rose up in front of me. The climbing was even more impressive. I climbed a 7c+ on big tufas, which weren't chalked up at all. Such a natural experience, really finding your own way up and not following others. Afterwards I worked on an 8c project, running all the way true the big roof, really sustained on pretty good holds with a lot of 'gym-like' moves. This route really made my day. I think I have never climed such a good route in such a nice place with such a nice view. I will keep this in mind to motivate me in the training the upcomming months!

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