28 maart 2013

Lead 1

Yes, the season has started! Although I will have to wait some more months untill the international Lead season starts, the first national competition of the year has already passed. Last weekend was the first Lead competition, held in Nieuwegein.
In this period of the year I always start hesitating about my training. Am I doing the right things? Am I getting strong enough in this power period? Or am I climbing too many routes? How about my technique? Is it getting worse if I am gaining power? Those thoughts have been running through my head the last weeks. So I was happy to have a good testing moment.

The competition turned out great for me. I managed to top out all the routes, including the finals, without getting really pumped. When the competition was over and everyone had left, I decided to try the men's route. It was a completely different style then the women's finals: only slopers, big powerfull moves and, of course, much harder. I prefer small edges and this route was a bit my anti-style, but I could fight untill just a couple of moves before the top. This gave me the confirmation I was looking for. I am on the right way, but there is still a long way to go for summer. So, back to training it is!
During the finals (Pictures by NKBV: Tim van der Linden and Bart Jonkers)