6 april 2013

Boulder 2

Last week the national boulder season kicked off too. Since I sprained my ankle 3 weeks before I was terrified of falling. During the qualifications I climbed horrible. I was really tensed and started hesitating once I was more than 1m above the ground. Fortunately I gained some confidence during the day and bouldering started to feel more and more natural again. In the end I qualified 2nd for the finals, by climbing all 8 problems , but in way too many tries.
The final boulders were simply amazing. The route setter had done a really good job by setting spectacular and tricky boulders. In the first 2 boulders I was still very tensed and scared, but after I had finished the slab I started to feel better and I could even relax in the last problem. I ended up in 2nd position behind Vera, which give me some points in the ranking to qualify for the European Boulder Championships which are held in Eindhoven this year!
Qualifications (Picture made by Brigitte Wieles)
Final problem nr. 1 (Picture made by Sytse van Slooten)

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