18 april 2013


After many weeks of training in rainy, cold Holland I finally found my way to the rocks. Some weeks ago I ran into some really cheap tickets to Kalymnos, so I had no choice. After a stressful period with many big changes I really needed a break: celebrating vacation, enjoying the sun, climbing the most beautiful routes in a paradise full of tufas, etc. Kalymnos is THE perfect destination for climbing and relaxing!
Sunset at Grande Grotta
I decided to focus on onsighting this trip. I just wanted to climb every beautiful line I saw, never mind how hard or easy it was. Nearly every day we visited a new sector. Grande Grotta and Sikati Cave were definitely the most impressive: super long routes (all more than 40m from 8a and harder), running all the way trough big roves covered in stalactites. This is where I have been dreaming of every since I saw the first pictures of Kalymnos. Many people had recommended a route in Grande Grotta called Fun de Chichunne, an 8a, crossing a big rove, running all the way through the cave. In my opinion climbing simply doesn’t get any better. I have never enjoyed climbing a route so much before! The route runs from no-hands-rest to no-hands-rest with super nice moves with many tricks in between. I managed to onsight it, which took me 40 minutes and lowered down at sunset, looking over the sea and enjoying the moment.

 Left: onsighting Angelica 8a. Right: Enjoying the view after sending Fun de Chichunne (pictures by Waldo  Ruiterman)

Besides I managed to climb an 8b called Gaia and I onsighted two other 8a’s, together with a bunch of 7’s. Only five days of climbing were definitely too short and I am sure I will return to this beautiful island in the near future. For now I am charged again to get back to normal live for a while. Next thing coming up: the second national boulder competition this Sunday.

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