22 mei 2013

Worldcup Boulder Innsbruck

At the beginning of this year, when I was planning my season, I decided to compete in a Boulder Worldcup this year as well. It always feels kind of hard to get into the 'competition mode' again after a long training period. By competing in Innsbruck I hoped to get used to the international competitions again, so I am not having such a hard time when the lead season starts.

Anyway, things turned out different then I hoped. After spraining my ankle earlier this year I got injured on my finger. I just trained too much, since I wanted to catch up some training after the previous injury. Instead of getting better, my finger got worse and worse. A week before Innsbruck I was pretty sure I wouldn't be able to compete.

I decided to go climbing outdoors, in the Pfalz. It is pretty frustrating to think about your injury all the time and I just needed to climb some nice routes without worrying. The Pfalz is super classic and kind of scary! The distances between the bolds are big and you often have to place your own gear. The climbing is simply amazing and even the easy routes are a real challenge over there. In this way I could climb a lot, without forcing my finger, and things got better every day!

When I got home I had a few days left before Innsbruck. The last day before departure I decided to give it a go. This turned out to be a really good decision! During the competition I only felt my finger once. I really enjoyed competing and actually felt pretty strong. I managed to climb the first boulder 2nd go. In the other problems I felt close on sending them, but it seemed like I was just a little bit too tensed to actually do it.

In the end I placed 29th. If I had only flashed the first problem I would have made semi's. That is a pity and I am not super satisfied about my performance, but at least I convinced myself that my power improved a lot during the winter. The competition really inspired me. I am super psyched to train the last weeks before the lead season starts. Keep my fingers crossed that the injuries will be fine now!

Pictures made by Sytse van Slooten (foto.sytse.net)

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