28 juni 2013

First place in National Lead Competition

University, check! National boulder competition, check! National lead competition, check! Endurance, nearly good enough ;) The start of the international competition season is getting closer and I guess I am more or less ready for it now.

Last weekend the last national lead competition was being held in my home gym, Mountain Network Amsterdam, which is just 2 stairs away from my apartment. Since I am spending many hours on this wall I felt super confident during climbing. I managed to top out all routes, including the finals, without hesitating or getting really pumped! Kind of a confirmation that my endurance is getting better. 

With this score I won the competition of the day and I placed 1st in the final ranking of the national Lead competition as well. With 9/9 tops I finished all routes in the competition, just like last year. The last time I didn't manage to climb a route in a national competition was during the 2012 Dutch Championships, where I failed in both the semi finals and finals. Let's see if I can do better this year ;)
During the finals (Picture by Tim van der Linden)
For now it's back to training. Two more weeks of final preparations and then I will start in the European Championships in Chamonix at the 11-13th of July. The summer is fully planned and I am really excited to start! My program:
- 11/13th of July:                             European Lead Championships Chamonix
- 19/20th of July:                             Worldcup Briancon
- 21th of July / 1st of August:           Outdoor climbing in Céüse
- 9/10th of August:                           Worldcup Imst
- Second half of August:                   Outdoor climbing, destination unknown

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