15 juli 2013

10th place at the European Championships in Chamonix!

After a long winter without international competitions the season has finally kicked off with the European Championships in Chamonix. I guess it came exactly in time for me. My injured finger is doing well and doesn't really trouble me anymore. The last two weeks I have been feeling better and better. During an onsight training in Puurs last week I realized that I made a big progression during the winter. I am still wondering why, considering that I have been injured for a long time. I kept on training, but things were not perfect. I guess some extra rest was good for me? Anyway, during the trainings I kept on surprising myself by doing things I considered to be either impossible or very, very hard.

But not only the physical part was fine, also mentally I felt super good. In the period before the first competition I am normally pretty tensed. Everything I do I have to think over and over. Can I go to the beach today? Isn't that bad for my climbing next week? This time I just did whatever I felt like and that worked out pretty good. I was more relaxed than ever before and during the competition, which definitely makes climbing much easier! In the qualifications I could climb relaxed and focussed. I kept on shaking in between the moves, found some nice positions to rest, took my time to recover and in this way I managed to top out both routes pretty easily. 18 other women did so too, so the semi-finals promised to be pretty exciting!
During the semi-finals
When I started climbing in semi's I lost the rest in my head which I had in qualifications. The beginning of the route was pretty hard and tricky with bad footholds and big holds I didn't know. At the beginning of the overhang I managed to reset my mind. I switched to the relaxed and focussed mode again and climbed smoothly through the middle part of the route. Higher up, when I started to get pumped, I decided to stop resting and just climb fast to make as many moves as possible. This is the only thing I blame myself for. On the ground I realized that I am probably fit enough to recover even on those moves. If I could have stayed calm, I might have made some extra moves. But anyway, I can be really proud on my performance I guess. 10th, woow, I am still flabbergasted. It's an amazing start of the season and I am really looking forward to the next competition! Thursday we will be flying to Briancon for the first Worldcup of the season. Excited!!!

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