20 juli 2013

9th at first Worldcup of the year in Briancon

I still can't believe it. Apparently I am in a really good shape, which has really surprised me over the last couple of weeks, because I haven't been training as much as I used to. I guess this shows how important it is to take enough rest and what a forced change in training program can do. I am starting to believe that the injuries I had this winter brought me to where I am now. But enough about that, back to Briancon.

This weekend the first Worldcup of the season was being held. After the good result of last week I was excited but also a bit nervous about this competition. The few days at home in between were kind of stressful and I left for France again feeling tired and drained. Fortunately I could change my mood in time for the competition. When I was walking to the wall at 6:45 AM the day of the qualifications, the sun started shining and I started to feel a bit like in Chamonix again. I had to start really early in my first qualification. With only one climber before me I didn't have much time to get any beta about the route. The girl before me topped out, so I got a good chance to see all the moves and there was only one thing left for me to do: top out as well. So I did. I climbed pretty relaxed and confident and reached the tophold, although I got pretty pumped. The second route was more my style and I could see a lot of climbers who showed me how to do it. When it was my turn everything went perfectly and I topped out on this one as well. Amazing!

That evening it started to get to me what I just did. Together with only 7 other climbers I topped both qualifications. That mend I was in position for finals now. I might be getting on the same level as all those people I have been looking up to for years. This thinking made me pretty nervous. The next day during the semi finals I was able to climb relaxed, to look around and to feel the moves, but I was executing the moves way too carefully. I didn’t want to mess up after those amazing qualifications. So I climbed up and down, rested in every move and started to make other decisions then I had planned during observation. This didn't turn out very well. I got pumped pretty fast and fell down way earlier then I had hoped. I expected to be one of the last, but then it turned out I had placed 9th. My best result so far!

In the end I think I can be satisfied with this result. I made a big step forwards and it needs some time to settle down. I got a big confirmation this weekend that I am able to make finals, which really gives me a lot of motivation and mental strength for the rest of the season! Now it's time to climb some rock in Céüse :)

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