26 september 2013

Worldcup Puurs

I placed 16th in the Worldcup in Puurs last week. Last year I would have been really satisfied with this result, but last weekend it was pretty disappointing. During semi-finals I managed to stay pretty calm, but this costed a lot of mental energy. It worked out fine as long as the moves were not too hard, but at the first tricky, long move I got stressed out and fell, completely unneccesary because I wasn't even really pumped.

During the semi-finals in Puurs (pictures by Tim van der Linden)

In the beginning of the season it felt so natural to climb relaxed during a competition and not to mind too much about the result. Last week I was looking for this feeling, but I couldn't find it. I have been so focussed on my elbow the last couple of weeks that I completely lost joy in climbing. Maybe it was too much to expect that I could find this feeling in a competition, if I don't even manage to do so in the trainings.

Anyway, this competition has woke me up again. I managed to fix some things and I am ready for the next Worldcup now! My elbow is doing fine, the head is in the right place again and I am really excited to compete. Today I am flying to Perm, Russia, thanks to Mammut, who will finance the trip and Medicort, which will support me by sending Mathieu Ceron (fysiotherapist / coach) with me. Let's go!

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