13 oktober 2013

9th at Worldcup Mokpo, Korea

About a week ago I left Holland and travelled far east for the next Worldcup of the season. First stop was Seoul. We stayed in this massive city for one afternoon. After some sleep we went into town to find ourselves surrounded by little restaurants and markets. The first impression was great. The people here are so friendly and helpful! They really made us feel comfortable and at home. The next morning we took the train to Mokpo, a small city in the very south of Korea where the next Worldcup was being held. The organization had arranged a hotel where we could stay with all the competitors together. Food and transfer to the competition venue were all provided, so we could focus completely on climbing in this country where everything is so much different than at home.

The competition wall turned out to be amazing and the routes looked really cool! I got really psyched for climbing. Since I returned home from Russia my elbow was feeling much better and I had been feeling really strong in the trainings. This confirmation was exactly what I needed, together with some sun and an inspiring route. I got it all and I managed to top out both qualification routes the first day. The next day, in semifinals, I climbed really relaxed. I think I have never been able to climb semi's as relaxed and focused as I did here in Korea. I could take my time to look around, come up with different solutions and in the end I fell because I was too pumped. It turned out that I would just have needed to stick the hold I touched last, then I would have made finals. I ended up 9th, really satisfied about my climbing but also a little bit disappointed that I was so close to finals.

The disappointment has gone now and I just feel really satisfied. We are back in Seoul at the moment, where we will enjoy being in Korea, do some sightseeing and some training. On thursday we will head to China for the next Worldcup.

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