11 november 2013

National Lead Champion!

Last weekend I became national champion in Lead for the 5th time! The week before I was pretty tensed about this competition (like every year btw). I don't know why, because I can tell that it's not necessary and a pretty stupid thing to do. I guess it's because I have to win, which makes me extra scared for little mistakes like a slip with the foot or forgetting to clip a quickdraw. Anyway, luckily this feeling disappeared when I saw the first route. It looked super cool and I finally got psyched for climbing.

I managed to top out in semi-finals. The final route turned out to be even cooler! When it was my turn to climb I really had a lot of fun figuring out the bouldery moves on all the volumes. I managed to top out without getting really pumped, which really satisfied me. Special thanks to the route setters to set such a nice routes! That definitely made the mental game much easier ;)

With one more competition to go, the season is almost over now. This friday we will fly to Kranj for the final stage of the Worldcup. After that I will spend 3 weeks in Spain to finally touch some rock again! 

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