19 november 2013

Worldcup Kranj - End of season

The international competition season is officially over. Although my performance in Kranj last weekend was not what I had hoped it to be, I am proud to find myself in 10th position in the final 2013 Worldcup ranking!

The last week I have been feeling really tired and drained of energy. I was not even motivated for training anymore, which is a really bad sign. Saturday, during the final Worldcup in Kranj, I simply didn't have the mental energy to give a good fight. Maybe, if the routes in semi finals would have been really cool, I would have managed to get psyched for one more time. But the route turned out to be pretty nasty. Climbing felt terrible and I couldn't get myself together and get the right mindset. I fell pretty early in the semi finals and ended up 21st. 

It is a pity that I couldn't give myself 100% once more this year, but I guess enough is enough. I am really relieved that the season is over now. This Friday I am flying to Spain to celebrate my vacation, enjoy the sun and finally touch some rock again. It's time to celebrate the amazing season I had this year!

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