4 november 2013

Worldcup Valence - 11th

Last weekend the seventh Worldcup of this year was held. This time the venue was a lot closer to home. I was still pretty exhausted from the Asia trip, so it was really nice to just have two short flights and arrive in Valence a couple of hours later. The qualifications went down smoothly. I was not super satisfied about my performance in both routes, but it was ok and I placed 12th. The next day semi's were held. After making finals in China I was really psyched to do so again. The week before I was feeling really good in the training, so it should be possible, but it was definitely not easy.
During the second qualification (Picture by Wouter Jongeneelen)
When it was my turn to climb I felt pretty relaxed. The beginning of the route was a lot harder then I had expected, but it didn't scare me. Then, all of a sudden, when I was just starting to feel a little bit empty, but not finished at all, my hand opened , my body dropped and I fell. I didn't know why and felt really frustrated. Just the feeling that I could have done so much better made me feel really bad about my performance. I still couldn't and can't be satisfied, just because I couldn't push myself to the limit. It kind of surprised me that I ended up 11th, which is not such a bad ranking I guess.

I am still really motivated for the competitions and it's a pity that the season is almost over. On the other hand, my body seriously needs some recovery time, so a short break might be good. The next competition coming up is the Dutch Lead Championships, which are being held in Bussum this weekend. After that there is just one more Worldcup left for this year. In two weeks we are flying to Kranj, Slovenia.

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