13 februari 2014

Knee injury

It has been really quiet here the last couple of months. Normally at this time of year I spend most of my time training, but at the moment I am spending more time on the couch then on the wall. Exactly three weeks ago I injured my knee during the training. Yes, seriously, I manage to get injured again...
The first week was pretty terrible. I couldn't walk, drive or cycle, so I had no choice but to stay at my parents (which took great care of me by the way, thanks mom!). The second week I was able to walk a bit, so I could return to my own place. Fortunately I am living basically in the climbing gym, so that gave me the opportunity to at least do some exercises.

At the moment I am walking again without support, I am climbing with one leg and I use the extra time to strengthen the muscles in my back, which was still on the 'to do list'. I hope I will be able to turn this injury into something useful this way. It's pretty hard to stay motivated for all the exercises with the little climbing I am able to do, but it's better then doing nothing. 

In the meanwhile the muscles in my leg shrank about 30%. Luckily muscle mass in your legs is not useful at all for climbing, so I don't care ;) Every day I am making progression. This week I was able to cycle on an ergo meter for the first time and today I managed to walk down the stairs with one foot on every step! If it keeps progressing this fast I will be able to get both feet in the wall again pretty soon I guess. I can't wait!