25 mei 2014

First place at Lead 1

My knee is completely recovered and I have been able to train for 100% again lately. Today it was time to test if all those hours paid off and if I'm on the right way for the international season. I have to say, I was really missing a lot of selfesteem lately. I am searching for the right mentality, which is pretty hard at the moment. A lot has changed in the national team lately, which is not a bad thing, but changes are always exhausting. But maybe I had a hard time mentally as well because because the last time I climbed a competition was in November. So the competition today came at exactly the right moment (this morning I wouldn't have agreed if you would told me this, but it really did).

During the finals (by Dimitri van Hezik)
Today's competition was Lead 1 in Bergschenhoek. I managed to top out all routes, including the finals, without having a really hard time. That was enough for the first place. Although I was pretty nervous, I climbed pretty relaxed and actually enjoyed it. I guess it's just time for the competitions to come. The right mentality will come with them ;)

Tomorrow I am going to Spain for one week. Really looking forward to relax and enjoy some rocks after a pretty stressfull period!