28 mei 2015

NKB - 1st place!

Last weekend I competed in the National Championships in Bouldering. It's only now that I am starting to recover mentally. It was such a nerve breaking competition! Before the start of the comp, I knew I could outperform the others on the big overhanging walls, but I certainly would have a hard time to keep up on the slabs. That turned out to be well estimated. In semi-finals I just managed to finish the slab in time, after which I sent the three overhanging boulders pretty easily. That resulted in a comfortable first position, but finals still had to be climbed.
The nasty slab (ByRyan Photography)
After a long break we were up for finals. The first boulder was not too exciting: just some volume pulling in the overhang with a slightly tricky jam in the end… flash. The second boulder was my worst nightmare, a really nasty slab. I had no clue how I would even get off the ground. But hey, a top in this one would not be necessary with two overhanging boulders ahead. That thought calmed be down a bit and I managed to climb the slab in the very last attempt. Good job to Kim, who managed to flash it!
Topping the third problem (ByRyan Photography)
The third boulder was indeed a big overhang. Although I had to scream a bit in the last dynamic move, it went down in my first attempt. I was in first position again. But then I got a nasty little surprise. The last boulder wasn't an overhang like I expected. It was a straight wall with a big mantle move. Not exactly my strongest point, but it didn't look too hard though. However the pressure was high, I had to climb this one to win! Normally I would have been shaking off the wall, but this time I felt totally in control and I flashed the problem. Maybe I am not as bad on slabs as I think and should just stop complaining about it ;) It was really amazing to notice how pressure can make you stronger. What a cool experience! I managed to secure the title again, pfoe :)
In controle in the last problem (ByRyan Photography)

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