29 september 2015

Worldcup Puurs - 14th

Because the recovery from my back injury took much longer than expected, I had already accepted that I wouldn't be back in shape in time for the Worldcup in Puurs. However, since Puurs is so close and it's no effort at all to go there, I decided to just give it a try. The last days before the comp, I took some extra rest and I finally started to perform better in the training. Maybe the competition was not totally lost yet.

So I went to Puurs without any expectations. I knew I didn't have that extra bit of power and endurance I had before my injury, but it wasn't too bad either. Since I had nothing to lose, I climbed without any pressure during qualifications and managed to give all I had, and placed 13th.
Qualifications (picture by Sytse van Slooten)
The next day semi finals were being held. When I got the first glimpse of the route I got super excited. It looked so cool! I was a bit afraid of the slabby beginning, but when I rehearsed the route in isolation together with Anak, we came up with many good solutions for every problem and I started to feel confident. Indeed, the beginning wasn't problematic at all. The moves felt easy and I executed them smoothly. Then, all of a sudden, the route got really hard. I could just hold on to the small edges, but my hands felt empty and started to open. I managed to make the first hard moves, but soon it was over.  I hadn't been able to fight at all and I expected myself to end up at the very bottom of the field. However, it turned out the others had been struggling even more with the small edges and my performance wasn't that bad after all. I ended up in 14th position, which I should be satisfied with for the moment. Not bad after such a bad preparation!

The next Worldcup I compete in is being held in Kranj at the 15th of November. That means there is a lot of time to go outdoors! I will spend two weeks in Rodellar in October. Can't wait!
Semi-finals (picture by Systse van Slooten)

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