18 november 2015

Worldcup Kranj - 19th

Last weekend, the final Worldcup of the season was being held in Kranj. Unfortunately, I got sick the week before the competition. I hoped to be recovered in time, but when I woke up the first day of the competition I still felt pretty bad. Luckily our qualifiers started in the afternoon, which gave me some time to get myself together. 

Considering the circumstances, qualifications were not that bad. I could still move normally, but I got pumped way earlier than normal. However, I managed to give a good fight and qualified for semi finals. During semi finals I had nothing to lose. I gave all I had at that moment and ended in 19th position.

The Worldcup season is over now. Since I got injured last summer I have been really tired and sick on and off. It feels like it's time to take some rest and get fit and healthy again. In 1,5 week I will defend my title in the National Championship in Lead and after that it's time to relax!

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