23 juni 2016

Frankenjura and Lead 2

The last couple of weeks were centered around climbing. First, I spend some time in the Frankenjura, to climb outdoors and train in Café Kraft. The first day, right after we arrived, I managed to climb Primeur de luxe (8a+/b) on my second attempt. After spending some days outdoors, we payed a visit to Café Kraft, where we met with Patrick Matros, to exchange some ideas about how to improve the positioning of my shoulders even more. That was definitely very useful and motivating!  Right after I arrived back home, I intensified my training and implemented the newly learned exercises.

During the finals of Lead 2 (picture taken by NKBV)

Next up was the second lead competition of the season, this time organized by my homegym Mountain Network Amsterdam. This competition was pretty special, since I did not only compete, but I had set the men's final route as well. To be honest, I was even more excited about how the men were going to climb my route, than about my own performance. Anyway, I managed to win again after giving a good fight in a pretty hard final. The men's route turned out to be great as well, so all together it was a really successful competition! Now the wall is fully covered in new hard routes it's time to get my endurance back. The first Worldcup I will compete in will be in a bit more than 3 weeks. So let's get back to training!