2 augustus 2016

Worldcup Villars and some outdoor climbing

Two weeks ago I competed in my first Worldcup of this season. Since I am working on my posture this year, I will only do half of the competitions. This first Worldcup in Villars was meant to be a test. How is my fitness at the moment? What has to be improved? Which elements do I have to focus on during my training the upcoming weeks. I hoped to find some answers to those questions.

Qualification in Villars (by Sytse van Slooten)
And so I did. First of all it was a lot of fun to compete again. I was a bit scared that my fitness would be terrible and that I would not be able to even make semi-finals. But the opposite was true. Since I had no expectations, I could climb very relaxed and I could focus completely on the really cool routes. The routes were very powerful, a lot more than last year. I noticed the style of the lead competition is changing, it’s moving much more in the direction of bouldering. That was good for me, since I did not have time yet to build endurance. I guess that’s why I fell at move 26 in every route ;) It was enough for a 16th place. Not bad after such a long recovery period and definitely better than I expected!

Semi finals (by Sytse van Slooten)
After the Worldcup it was time for a small vacation. We spend 1,5 weeks in the Ailefroide valley, climbing in many different crags on many different kinds of rock. I decided to just climb a lot of semi-hard routes in many different styles. That turned out great. It was a really relaxed and interesting trip, in which I got my ass kicked every now and then due to the tough grading in this area (I climbed 8a's which would definitely reach 8b in the other areas I have been climbing in this year), but in which I also learned a bit more about how to move and read the rock in styles I am not used to.

Now it’s time for training again, because there is still a lot to catch up. I am super motivated to work on the things I lacked in Villars. Although the focus has to be on training this summer, I might find the time to climb a bit more outdoors. But for now, a muerte on plastic ;)

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