About me

Name: Nikki van Bergen
Date of birth: 15-09-1992
Resident: Amsterdam (NED)

At the age of 8 I started climbing. From the very first moment this sport was something special for me. The first couple of years I didn't climb more than twice a week, but I was always thinking about climbing and counting down the days until the next time I would go to the gym. In the years that followed the way I practice this sport has changed a lot, but that feeling remained the same. I remember the first time I saw the national youth team training and how I looked at them admiring. When we left the climbing gym I asked my mum: 'Do you think I will ever be part of that team as well?' By then I could never have believed how climbing would become my life.

A couple of years later I started improving really fast, won my first National Youth Championships and became part of the national team. I started competing internationally and this slowly turned into a whole new lifestyle. New friends with different nationalities were made, with whom I started training and climbing outdoors and I travelled to places all over the world to compete, first in the youth and now in the seniors.

At the moment I live completely for climbing. I study movement science besides, but climbing always has priority. During the winter I spend many hours a day in the climbing gym, training for the new competition season. During the competition season I am travelling from place to place, spending more time away than at home. When the competition schedule allows me to, I plan a trip to one of Europe's amazing climbing areas, to climb outdoors. This lifestyle gave me many great experiences so far and I am enjoying every little bit of it: the training, the travelling, the arousal and sometimes fear before a competition, and even the hard moments, because you always return stronger and as a more complete person than you were before.