Although Holland is completely flat and we don't have any rocks at all, outdoor climbing is a really important aspect of the sport for me. Being outdoors, surrounded by an astonishing view and moving up the beautiful lines nature has made is the perfect way to relax in between the competitions. Whenever the competition schedule allows me to I head to the rocks. It's this balance which keeps me motivated and always psyched for climbing.

Hardest redpoints:
  • 8c Hot chili-X, Gorges du Loup (FRA) aug-2013     (first female Dutch 8c)
  • 8b+ Slow food, Céüse (FRA) july-2013
  • 8b+ Over the top, Geyik Bayiri (TUR) nov-2012      (first female Dutch 8b+)
  • 8b+/8b Le mur des 6 clopes, St. Léger (FRA) may-2013     (second go)
  • 8b Gaia, Kalymnos (GRE) apr-2013
  • 8b L'ami de tout le monde, Céüse (FRA) july-2012
  • 8b Radote joli pépère, Céüse (FRA) aug-2012
  • 8b Abregenief, St. Léger (FRA) may-2012      (first female Dutch 8b)
  • 8a Bookaro Banzai, Orpierre (FRA)   at the age of 14, youngest Dutch female to climb 8a

Hardest onsights:
  • 8a Eirini, Kalymnos (GRE) apr-2013
  • 8a Fun de chichunne, Kalymnos (GRE) apr-2013
  • 8a Angelica, Kalymnos (GRE) apr-2013
  • 8a Richtfest, Geyik Bayiri (TUR) dec-2012
  • 8a L'eau rage, Frankenjura (GER) aug-2012      (first female Dutch 8a onsight)